Mailing List Connection USA Water Vessel Owners Database

Are you looking to send an Email Broadcast to Water Vessel Owners? Direct Mail? Or Telemarketing? We have 266,146 Water Vessel Owners for Email Broadcast, 3.8 MillionWater Vessel Owners for Direct Mail, and 1.7 MillionWater Vessel Owners for Telemarketing all available to get the job done.

Database Quantities: Mailing List Connection offers a Water Vessel Owner Database over 5.4 Million Water Vessels in 3.8 Million Water Vessel Owner Households with postal information. We have a total of 1,710,783 Water Vessel Owners with Phones. In addition, 266,146 of these Water Vessel Owners have Opt in Emails available for Water Vessel Related Email Offers. Boat Owners for Telemarketing and 565,965 Boat Owners are available for Email Broadcasting.

Data Sources: Our Water Vessel Database is Multi Sourced. The Water Vessel Database is multi-sourced and the owner data is compiled from State Parks and Wildlife Databases of Registered Water Vessels, and National Coast Guard Files of Water Vessels that are registered with the Coast Guard. The Water Vessel Ownership verification process is incorporated with:

  • Boating Magazine Subscribers
  • Water Vessel Supply Retail Purchases
  • Water Vessel Maintenance and Service Records

Updates: With Water Vessel Owner title changes and Water Vessel purchases and sales information changing frequently we make sure to update our Water Vessel Owner files quarterly. In addition Annual & Semiannual Data feeds are incorporated into the update process from the USA Coast Guard, Water Vessel Magazines, Survey Information, as well as Retail & Service Records. Also the Entire Database is updated through NCOA monthly. The Water Vessel Owner Telephone Numbers are verified through Directory Assistance annually & are run through the FTC DNC Database each month to ensure that all the numbers are completely legal to call. In addition, our email addresses are tested on a regular basis & will be 80% to 90% deliverable.

Selections Available: The Mailing List Connection Water Vessel Owner Records can be selected by various criteria’s:

  • Length
  • Manufacture Year
  • Manufacturer
  • Water Vessel Type
  • Propulsion Type
  • Sail vs Power
  • Construction Material

In addition to these selections, the Water Vessel Owner Lists are selectable by these various geographical and demographical criteria’s:

  • Zip Code
  • City
  • Country
  • Radius
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Dwelling Type
  • Homeowner/Renter

Data Uses and Offers: Companies that have successfully utilized our Water Vessel Owner Data include:

  • Marina’s
  • Water Vessel Retailers
  • Yacht Brokers
  • Water Vessel Consignment Facilities
  • Water Vessel Accessory Manufactures
  • Water Vessel Clubs
  • Water Vessel Related Magazines
  • Lake Front & Ocean Front Property Offers
  • Fishing Related Products & Services
  • Plus many more

Samples: Click here for sample data

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Pricing: We can supply any 5000 Water Vessel owners with Names & Addresses along with Water Vessel Make & Water Vessel Year output for 12.5 cents each or any 10,000 for 11.5 cents each. For Telephone Numbers add 2.5 cents apiece additional. Water Vessel Owners with Email Addresses require a 10,000 Water Vessel Owner Minimum Order at 12.5 cents per Lead, however volume pricing discounts are available, please inquire for details.

** Volume discounts are available **

Printing & Mailing: Please visit our sister company’s Print & Mail Services page for further information regarding Water Vessel Owners Post Card printing and mailing.

These Water Vessel Owners Lists will be electronically delivered to you in Excel or any format needed. If you need Peel & Stick Labels printed for any of our Lists, please add $10.00 per 1,000 to the above listed prices.

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